Cel mai stilat bunic din lume!

Cel mai sexy și stilat bunic din lume locuiește în China. Are 85 de ani, e fermier, însă a devenit senzația internetului după ce nepotul său l-a convins să-şi schimbe stilul. Vârstinicul a pozat în haine ultimul răcnet. Sesiunea foto are acum un succes internaţional impresionant. „Modelul” s-a născut în 1931 și a trecut prin foamete, războaie civile și revoluții. |
Însă greutățile vieții nu l-au doborât. Dimpotrivă, l-au determinat să fie puternic și să nu uite de stil și de eleganță.

Pic shows: Jesse’s grandfather in stylish clothing. Chinese netizen are swooning over a "hipster grandad" whose pictures have taken the internet by storm ever since his grandson gave him an extreme makeover. The photos show the old-timer dressed in the most fashionable way, complete with flashy blazers, cuffed jeans, and bowties. China’s most stylish senior is the grandfather of a man who calls himself Jesse, a photographer working in the city of Xiamen, in East China’s Fujian Province, who decided to give his grandad a photoshoot when visiting him recently. He fitted the 85-year-old man with complementing colours and stylish shirts and pullovers, often seen donned by 21st-century hipsters. But Jesse says the now viral photos are actually part of his personal campaign to thank his grandfather, who has taken care of him since he was young child. He said his grandpa, one of China’s archetypal "soldier men" and steely veteran of World War II, does not usually dress this way, as he is a hard-working farmer who can sometimes seem rather cold. Jesse said: "My grandad doesn’t speak a lot. He has a tough guy image like many in his generation, but his heart is full of love. "When I was younger he took really good care of me. Now he is old, I want to return the favour." Jesse is taking the opportunity to urge the public to spend more time with their family, especially the older generation who deserve to be rewarded for their past struggles. (ends)
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